Mr. Bottle

Broiled Steelhead Trout Basted with Beer

1 Steelhead trout fillets
1 onions
1 bacon chips
1 assorted veggies
1 samuel adams cream stout
1 beer

LA..... I'll have another beer...
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3,555 barrels of ale in it and twenty-nine metal hoops wrapped around it. Then on October 16, one of the hoops, on one of the vats
1 ginger
1 sea salt/pepper
juice of four limes
mushroom sauce with diced celery
fine carrots
more dill

Begin your process by shotgunning a beer.
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Then open another and fillet the Ironhead Lay slabs onto broiling pan. Cover with onions, and have another beer. Dice with bacon chips, have another beer. Lace with assorted Veggies, have another beer. Baste with Samuel Adams Cream Stout Beer (Nothing else will do), have (yes!) another beer. Sprinkle with Dill, a touch of Ginger, Sea Salt/Pepper. Douse yourself with a beer, then take another internally. When halfway done, pause for a beer, then squeeze four full limes onto fish. Continue to broil. Also continue to drink.

ME.... the guy... who drinks the beer,
When done to a golden brown, pour on mushroom sauce with diced celery, fine carrots, and seasonings that include more dill. Serve with choice of beer.

Do..... the stuff... that buys me beer...
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