Mr. Bottle


5 oz Bud Light Lager

PUT (i, 240 - (SIN(i / 100) * 225)), AR NEXT SYSTEM
ME.... the guy... who drinks the beer,
INPUT "Enter another nice number! > ", m% o% = n% m%
INPUT "Please type your last name > ", lastname$ fullname$ = firstname$ + " " + lastname$
1 handful Ice
1/2 oz Tequila
1/2 oz Light Rum
3 oz Strawberry Daiquiri Mix
3 oz Margarita Mix

Pour into a blender in this order: ice - beer
And lead us not to incarceration, but deliver us from hangover.
half full of beer. The exhibitioners then moved to a new house. They attracted
patients smelled the beer and thought they were being left out of a hospital party. They calmed
TEA.... no thanks, I'm drinking beer...
- tequila - rum - daquiri mix - margarita mix. Blend until frothy, then pour. Imbibe until blotto.

Thy beer doth come, I will be drunk, at home as in the tavern.