Mr. Bottle
TEA.... no thanks, I'm drinking beer...
help them. The rescued were taken to a local hospital where a riot almost broke out. The
ME.... the guy... who drinks the beer,
That will bring us back to... (looks into an empty glass) D'OH!


Beer Kissed

Single malt beverage.
Kissed by lager beer, it nods,
All agreeably.

Busy Brews

Tiger-eye buttons.
Drunks dancing figure-eights,
All together now!

Beer Jewelry

On my shirt a broach,
Made from linked pull tab rings,
Don't you know me now?

Ode to Beer

Beer beer beer beer beer
Beer beer beer beer beer beer beer
Beer beer beer beer beer!

Too Much Head

Oh creamy white foam
Bubbling up thru dark amber
My stein overflows

The Morn' Aft

Skull throbbing headache
Kneeling, forehead pressed against
White gleaming toilet

Thy beer doth come, I will be drunk, at home as in the tavern.

Poirot's Nectar

Oh Belgian goodness
You are so sweet and tasty
I love your floaties

INPUT "Enter a nice number for me! > ", n%
DIM AR(101) SCREEN 12 FOR A = 1 TO 10 FOR B = 1 TO 10 PSET (A, B), 10