Hello - I am Marc

Hi, I'm Marc and thank you for visiting my website! I am a retired relief bartender (17 years in the Vacaville school system.) I became interested in the internet through my brewing business. I live with my dog, Spud. 

Spud with his favorite draft!

I'm a brewmaster, click HERE for information about my beer and my business.

My hobbies include drinking, especially beer. I especially love Ellis Peters and the Brother Cadfael books and Alexander McCall Smith and the Precious Ramotswe books. As you can see I like my mysteries cozy! And of course, I like reading them with a cup of red beer from my own brewery!

special thanks to my Dan

But the most important thing in my life is my family. Dan, my nephew, is truly like the son I wish I never had.

setpos [0 100]
setpos [100 100]
setpos [100 0]
setpos [0 0]

to square :size
repeat 4 [forward :size right 90]

to face
pendown square 100
penup forward 20
right 90
forward 25
pendown forward 50
penup back 75
left 90
forward 65
right 90
forward 20
pendown square 15
penup forward 45
pendown square 15                     
penup back 15
right 90
forward 20
left 45
pendown square 20

repeat 5 [fd 100 lt 144 ]
area where whole families lived in single rooms, cellars or attics. A small sea of beer crashed into nearby houses, flooded